Blogging For Money: 3 Strategies From Comedians That Work

If you want to make money blogging, this post is for you.

Eddie Murphy, Jack Black and a host of other great comedians have made life better for those who are depressed and every other person.

I like comedians because they know how to change the atmosphere and bring laugher to scowled faces.

But more than that, comedians over the years have used three strategies to make money – these strategies can also apply to blogging and money making online.

Do you really want to make money with your blog? I encourage you to read this post.

You might miss the hidden gems lying in between the lines – if you skim. Just pause whatever you’re doing right now and give 100% attention to this. Will ya?

1.      Study your audience first

If you know a successful blogger who makes a living from his blog, one thing is certain – they’re friendly with their own readers. They’ve observed and studied who their readers are, what they want and how desperate they want solutions.

Telling jokes professionally might not be my meat, but at some point in my life, I’ve anchored events where I must act as a comedian. The truth is, if you carefully study your audience, you’d know their innermost needs.

Starting a blog is the easiest part. Most people start a blog, write and package an information product and wonder why readers aren’t buying from them. Just like comedians, you must determine the type of product that would work for your audience.

Comedians are very observant. When a stand-up comedian gets a deal to amuse Managing Directors of Blue Chip firms, they know the kind of jokes and gestures to use. The same thing applies to blogging – don’t you think so?

2.      Approach your audience from a unique perspective      study your audience

Most comedians couldn’t stand the test of time – because coming up with new jokes and humor styles are always difficult, for beginners, intermediates and experts.

Popular standup comedians and entertainers couldn’t have made it to the top, if all they do is tell the same jokes in the City Hall, The Conference Center and during your Birthday Celebration.

They’ve to innovate, get inspired for new jokes.

We like comedians because they always have something new for everyone, no matter your class or status. And this applies to blogging.

To make money with your blog, you need to monetize like no other person, write exceptional content that is unique and practicable. I’m not asking you to reinvent the wheel – rather, you should ride upon proven ideas and stand out from the teaming crowd.

Would you like to know how I promote affiliate products to my readers? All right, I’d simply create a step-by-step guide (article, video, slideshare etc) on how the product works, add a lot of BONUS packages and then, call to action.

This way, buyers can benefit so much from a single purchase. They’d get the primary product, the bonus products and the education you provide.

3.    Build a community of raving fans

Professional comedians are acclaimed celebrities. They also have thousands of raving fans. If you want to make money blogging, you’ve to convert friends to fans. Yes, there is a big difference between having friends and building up a community of fans.

Did you know that a fan can go the extra mile to promote your business, buy your latest product, leave a comment and subscribe to your email list? Yes, fans can grow your blog – friends on the other hand can be rivals to your growth.

Most of my friends are bloggers. Before a friend can buy your product, or leave a comment on your post, it’s going to take a deep persuasion. Fans are no rivals to your success at all. They just like you for who you’re, not necessarily for what you have.

Take your blog to the next level. Don’t just have a bunch of friends, who sparsely visits, you need fans. Start by solving problems, answering questions and giving away plenty of valuable information for free.

You need trustworthy fans; real people who can buy your product or subscribe to your affiliate recommendations.

There you’ve it

What other strategy can a comedian teach you about blogging and money making? Please share your comment below. See you at the top!

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