How To Become A Top Blogger in Social Media

I get asked all the time about social media and how I get so popular.  It’s cause I’m badass, that’s why!  Just kidding, I’m really not that amazing at it.  Yes, I have 25K people that follow me on Facebook and 50K people that follow me on Twitter but I’m in no way a top blogger in social media.  Below I will show you 3 tips that I have learned to become a top blogger in social media.

#1. Blog With Passion

One thing I love about John Chow is his the passion behind his posts and sticking to his gun about the weekend fun posts.  He not only posts about making money online but about his family, hobbies, and passions that he has.  Part of becoming a top blogger in social media means your passions show through.

Have you ever been reading a blog and realized that it’s all crap?  Most of the time I have found that it’s because the person behind the post isn’t really into what he or she is talking about.  You can tell pretty easily.  For example, there are many people that work at businesses that are forced to write for the particular business.  Most of the time you can find out pretty quick that they aren’t into their work.  Every now and then you’ll find someone that is very passionate about what they are doing.  It shows in everything they do!

#2 Interactions

You need to be interacting with people that comment on your posts, link to you, mention you, or communicate with you.  I love to talk with people about social media.  One of my most popular places is Twitter.  I love it because it’s fast and something I can do without really thinking too hard.  By communicating and interacting with people you show them that you care.

Some of the best ways to do this are to comment back each and every time that someone interacts on your blog.  Try and help them out by giving them a very valuable comment.  If someone mentions you on Facebook or Twitter, comment back and show them some love.  It’s one of the best ways you can give some of your attention to the people that are making you who you are.  Pay it forward a little bit.  Show people that you really care about them.

#3 Keep Going

If you are into social media and not getting any interaction then you should keep going.  Many bloggers stop pushing things out because the feel no-one is listening.  If you feel like this is you, keep going!  Most bloggers give up before quick and stop right before they were about to make it big.  A personal rule of thumb, is it takes 9+ months of solid blogging, commenting, and social networking to become anything in the blogging world.  If you’re struggling with blogging, just keep going.  Make sure that you are blogging daily, commenting on tons of other blogs and guest posting at least every other day.  I’ve put together a growing list of guest posting sites you can visit by visiting here. Add your blog to the list and get your blog getting posts.  Find good sites to guest post on.

If you don’t remember anything else from this post, remember to keep going!

Ever wondered who are the top bloggers  in social media?  Well since you asked asked; here are your top 3 blogger and how they compare in Social Media.

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