Hawksworth – Dining At Vancouver’s Finest Restaurant

When David Hawksworth was the chef at West Restaurant, he won every award possible, including Restaurant of the Year. The only problem was, West wasn’t his restaurant. He just worked there as the executive chef. Not content with just being a chef, Hawksworth set out on a three-year journey to create the ultimate fine-dining restaurant – a very risky proposition in this economy. The end result is a restaurant that redefines high-end dining in Vancouver.

The new restaurant exploded out of the gate and mowed over everything in its path. Vancouver Magazine awarded it Restaurant of the Year, Best New Restaurant, Best Upscale Restaurant, plus David Hawksworth won Chef of the Year.

“If there was any question whether David Hawksworth would have trouble making a comeback after a three-year hiatus, he put it to rest when he opened the doors of Hawksworth last spring.”

Hawksworth Restaurant is located inside the historic Rosewood Hotel Georgia, in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Hawksworth’s four distinct rooms include:

  • The leather-paneled Bar and Lounge, clubby and intimate.
  • The glamorous Pearl Room, elegant and iridescent with pearl banquettes and a magnificent chandelier.
  • The compelling and vibrant Art Room featuring a custom installation by acclaimed local artist Rodney Graham.
  • The first floor York Room inspired by its 1920’s heritage where original features meet modern technology and huge arc windows.

This veritable chameleon of a restaurant was designed by Alessandro Munge of the celebrated award winning Canadian interior design firm Munge & Leung, and delivers a wide range of dining experiences suited to a variety of moods or occasions.

The food at Hawksworth is every bit as creative as the rooms. I can’t think of any other Vancouver chef who can create a foie gras parfait, and top it off with foie gras cotton candy. Then, there was the crispy maple hills chicken, which is Hawksworth’s interpretation of high-end fried chicken.

As you no doubt guessed by now, dining at Hawksworth Restaurant isn’t cheap. Dishes range in price from $14 for Sally’s Mac & Cheese, to $98 for a 22oz dry aged rib eye. Dinner for two, plus Sally, came to a bit over $200 with tax, tip and valet parking. Not cheap, but not outrageous either.

Every wondered what a $14 mac and cheese taste like? Ask Sally Chow. She’ll tell you it tasted great. She also liked the foie gras cotton candy.