5 Steps To Build Quality Backlinks

Let’s do it – how to build quality backlinks when you’ve no clue.

Link building is important to your blogging success. It goes beyond improving your ranking on search engines.

The number of links you generate legitimately will affect your Alexa ranking and authority.

This in turn can command higher advertising fee, for those who want to make money displaying ads on your blogs.

You don’t need to be a professional before you can make a success online. In fact, being a beginner makes you humble enough to learn.

Most experts don’t want to listen to others.

They feel they know it all. But when you’re a beginner (or assume to be one), you’ll grow your blog through the deep insights you’ve gained from reading, contesting and listening.

So, when you’ve no clue about link building and how to get started, here are 5 of my favorites:

1.    Prepare your blog

Is your blog ready to receive off-page links? Have you adjusted your WordPress blog settings? The permalink, the all-in-one SEO pack if that’s what you’ve installed. The Meta Description, Meta Keywords and landing pages must be prepared.

Don’t go about looking for links when the in-house blog elements are fallow. Also, work on your navigation. Make sure the inner posts are interlinked with new posts.

What about your blog theme – is it appealing to readers and can it encourage people to share it?

2.    No backlink clue, no problem

I’m assuming you don’t know where to start in your link building activity. Believe me, it’s not a bad thing to lack clue or an idea. At this point, what you must do is to get ready to attack. It’s time to write down your goals and map out plans.

Relax your mind and have some sleep. You’re going to come out with a BANG and earn several backlinks when you start. You’ve got to braze up for the challenge. Quality links are hard to find. But if you explore well, you’ll find the gold mine.

You need discipline to build quality links. It’s hard work actually. Don’t rush into it if you’re not set. If people must link to you, and share your contents, you’ve to give them a reason why they should do it.

3.    Write guest posts

The best way to build backlinks to your website and blog is through guest posting. If you write quality guest posts consistently, nothing can stop you from building quality off-page links.

Your blog might be 2 months and you’re wondering how to get it past the teething stage, worry no more. Use guest posting to build links quickly.

But you need speed. You need creativity so that your guest articles can reach thousands of readers within a short time. The guest posts you’d write will educate and entertain the reader. If you can do that, you’ll indirectly build links without asking for it.

4.    Write cornerstone contents

This is a two-way system. You can write cornerstone contents on your blog or submit it to other people’s blog as a guest post.

But I would recommend you start with your blog. Cornerstone content will form the foundation of every other content you write. Cornerstone contents usually consist of resource links. The goal is to solve a particular problem in a lively manner.

I wrote cornerstone contents at my blog and hundreds of people shared it, without asking for my permission. That’s what this kind of content will do for you. Spend eons of time listening to your target audience.

You’ll discover what they need and how they want it delivered. Now, sit down, write extensively on that topic and use the data extracted during research to dazzle your readers.

They’d be forced to share the post, thereby sending hundreds of links to your blog.

5.    Ask! Ask!! Ask!!!

There is no harm in asking. Provided you ask politely, blog readers are considerate and would definitely share and link to your quality pages. When asking for such kindness, make sure you’ve a real-time benefit for readers.

Send your cornerstone content to your subscribers. Add “share with a friend” link below the content to start the love spree.

No backlink clue yet?

There you’ve it, the 5 simple ways to generate links to your blog when you’re stuck to the wall. I’m sure you’ve enjoyed this post. If yes, leave a comment below. See you next week!

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