How To Get Paid To Blog And Eat Free for a Year

…Okay, you can’t, but my friend Ed Lau can. He’s one of twelve finalists in Tourism Richmond’s search for a new food blogger. Regular readers of John Chow dot Com will know Ed Lau. He’s the guy who always shows up last at Dot Com Pho. Like me, Ed loves to eat and he has a blog that reviews all the restaurants he eats at.

Ed lives in the city of Richmond, and their tourism department is looking for a food blogger to blog about all the great restaurants the city have to offer. They’re holding a competition to find the best person for the job. The winner will get:

  • Eat at a new Richmond restaurant everyday for 365 days and blog about it
  • $50,000 salary
  • Money for the eating out
  • Housing allowance
  • A gym membership

Tourism Richmond received over 1,500 applications and has narrowed it down to the final twelve and Ed is one of them. Now Ed needs your help to get to the final three. I need you to head over to Tourism Richmond’s Facebook page and vote for Ed. The candidate who receives the most votes will automatically earn a free pass to the fianl three.

Tourism Richmond will select the other two finalists and ultimately select the successful candidate. I think Ed will be the perfect person for this job. Go read Ed Eats and you’ll see how detailed his reviews and food photos are.

In the end, it will be up Ed to land this job, but he can’t do that if he can’t get into the final three, so let’s get him there! Please head over to Tourism Richmond’s Facebook page and vote for Ed! You can vote once every 24 hours so please keep vote everyday and tells your friends to vote as well. Thanks for the help!

You know? It’s a good thing they included a gym membership!