4 Guest Post Mistakes To Avoid

Trust me, guest posting isn’t all rosy like WE paint it.

I know you can drive a lot of targeted traffic with it, gain traction, but if you’re not careful, guest posting can contribute to your site’s failure. Oops!

I’ve written and published more than 500 guest articles since July 2011, when I started blogging.

So, I’m not new to this system of growing a blog. It works but there is a CLAUSE.

In another post, I’d talk about the benefits of contributing to top blogs in your niche. But for now, let’s see the four ugly aspects of guest blogging. Here we go:

1.    Procrastination

One ugly thing that I’ve been battling with as a blogger is procrastination. I don’t know about you.

And because I contribute to other blogs, not as a staff writer, but as a guest blogger, I tend to defer my own projects.

Rather than researching my topics or making plans to create my own digital product, I’d write a guest post. Deep within me, I’m not happy with this slow movement.

Reaching out to fresh visitors might look good at the surface, but it’s hurting your success.

The best time you’ve to make a difference, and create passive income is now. Guest posting may not allow you the free time to focus on your own affairs. So watch it!

Whatever you want to do to grow your business, do it now. Guest posting is powerful, but it’s never an alternative to pursuing your core objectives.

2.    Neglecting your readers

guest posting ugly

Few days ago, one of my subscribers wrote me a funny email. He said, “My subscribers are unsubscribing from my email list. What do you I do?”

Of course, I advised him to minimize the number of guest articles he writes weekly and focus on his audience. You’ve a blog, with readers who need you.

They need your good posts to keep going on this hectic blogging career. They came to your blog because you were solving their problems initially – what’s happening now?

Nothing should come between you and your readers. Make out time for your readers. Listen to their weak words and find a way to support them. That’s why you’re a blogger, to help make the world a better place.

3.    Minding other people’s business

I recommend you read Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” It’s a great book that teaches how you can mind your own business.

I discovered few months ago that if you’re guest posting at the expense of engaging with your readers, you’re minding other people’s business. Period!

Sure, you can grow your business when you reach out, but what about your present readers. What are you doing about them? Are you really satisfying their thirst and hunger for quality content?

The people you’re serving are first and foremost, your greatest asset. Like I always do, I encourage you to reach out with quality guest posts, but remember to mind your own business.

To build a profitable business, write compelling content for your blog regularly (not daily, please). Then get out there and promote the hell out of it.

4.    Altering your blog’s personality

People liked you not because you had a new idea, or some spectacular insight, but because you’ve a voice.

A strong voice that’s able to pierce through their ignorance and make them better. Your ability to give life to an old idea is what makes the BIG difference.

Now, when you accept guest post all the time on your blog, without at least writing blog posts for your readers, you’d miss out on the personality aspect. Readers would start to complain and before long, they’d look elsewhere for another savior.

If you’re too busy to handle your blog and cater to readers, get an in-house freelance blogger/writer and guide him or her for the first few months on how to create content for your readers.

There is nothing wrong with accepting guest posts from great writers, but what about your unique voice?

Take this home

How many guest posts have you published so far, with your blog URL? Listen to this, guest posting is damn powerful – it’s the surest way to lift a new blog from the dunghill and place it on the summit.

But as you embark on this feat, writing for your blog MUST come first.

How has guest posting helped in your blog’s growth? Tell me what you think about writing for other blogs – the comment box is for you. See you at the top!

Photo Credit: Binusarina

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