3 Ways to Do SEO and Improve Your Organic Traffic

SEO might sound scary to many bloggers whose sites were penalized by Google Panda or other updates.

But does it mean that SEO is dead?

The debate has been going on; a set of website owners said that they were fed up with search engine optimization and would rather use social media to reach their audience. Hmm!

While the other set of site owners still believe that organic traffic is superior to social and hands-free once you set it up. And to you, what’s your take on this? Let me know on the comment box.

It doesn’t matter what your opinion is at this point. This post is going to show you how thinking out of the box could generate more passive traffic to you.

Search engine traffic is passive

The success of a website lies in its ability to generate passive traffic, income, community and survive the test of time. SE traffic is passive when it’s properly done, but social media requires continuous tweaking.

If all you do is optimize for active traffic like tweeting your latest posts, the chances of your blog becoming a go-to resource in its niche are small.

So don’t be tired of doing SEO.

It’s still alive and if you follow the three tips below, you’ll not only attract free targeted traffic, but you’ll also boost your search rankings in the process – without employing any complicated SEO techniques. So, without much ado, let’s get started…

1.   Define your specialty      Define your specialty

Have you defined your specialty yet?

The problem many bloggers have with SEO is their inability to target a specific niche.

Of course, you could still build a profitable blog been a jack-of-all trade but it’s going to take a lot of time – which you don’t have.

The simple formula to position your web pages higher in Google homepage is to narrow your niche.

Then start dominating the niche, by adding rich, valuable and helpful content. When I ask bloggers what they do online, and the responses I get are usually similar. “I’m a blogger!” One of them answered.

Yes you’re a blogger because you update regularly and you also use WordPress CMS, but that’s too generic of a title.

You can’t drive organic traffic by being a blogger, but when you clearly define your role – that’s where the right optimization can take place.

If you’re a business coach, produce and publish more content in that field and begin to build a following. If you know how to create YouTube videos so well, use it as your edge – and beat the stiff competition.

2.   Evoke curiosity with titles

Did you know that the title is the most important element in any piece of content? It doesn’t matter whether it’s a video on YouTube or podcast on iTunes.

Learn how to create titles that persuades. Let it inspire and spontaneously cause an ideal customer to click just once. That’s all you need to establish a connection.

I’ve come to understand that Google rewards catchy headlines, not because Google spider has eyes to see or intellect to detect your creativity, but because people actually loved and clicked on such titles.

Google spider is like the toddler that needs to be spoon-fed and guided – in other words, whatever people do with your title would determine what Google would make of it.

In this post-panda age, you don’t need hundreds of links to outrank other competing web pages. You only need powerful and valuable titles that evoke curiosity.

Don’t deceive people with your titles, but don’t write generic titles ideas either. Learn from titles that went viral and see what they had in common.

3.   Build a social influence

To get fresh visitors from Google, you need a social influence. You can’t hide under your shell and expect a miracle to happen.

Building a social influence has got nothing to do with Facebook page and wasting time there. Also, it’s got nothing to do with spending 4 hours on twitter – sharing gossips about Lady Gaga.

On the other hand, being social begins with your uniqueness. How you treat others and what inspires you to lend a helping hand to your target audience & readers.

Yes, facebook, linkedin, twitter and all those social media networks are great platforms to put your social lifestyle to work, but it begins with your blog.

Who says a blog is not a social network? Actually, you could use your blog to build a strong community online, and even take it offline like Darren Rowse has been doing.

When you’re a social and loving person, it’d be revealed in your content. You just can’t fake it any longer; especially now that quality content is the permanent secretary of Google. Lol!

Why is SEO so hard?

Have you ever asked such a question before? And to be honest with you, search engine optimization isn’t and will never be hard. If you think it’s hard, I think you should look at the keywords you’re targeting.

If the competition is high, you may conclude that SEO is hard.

But if you become savvy and target local keywords as well as geo-specific key terms – then picking up targeted traffic from Google will be your second nature. Sounds easy…huh?

What challenges do you’ve with search engine optimization? Could you please share your comment in the box below and be explicit – I’ll address the issue in subsequent posts. See you ahead!

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