5 Secrets To Write A Clickable Subject Line For Your Email Letters

Can you write a clickable subject line?

After you’ve built a list of responsive subscribers, the journey to making real connection has just started.

At this point, the primary aim isn’t to increase the number of subscribers, but to engage those people who have shown interest in getting smarter insights on the specified topic.

To succeed, you need the right knowledge about writing a clickable subject line.

As they say, “the money is in the list,” but if there is no click on the title, you won’t make a dime. Period!

So, this is going to act as a refresher course to what you already know.

Email marketing works, but you must learn the craft. Everyone can build a list, but only few people can profit from their email lists.

Do you want to join the successful people who understand how to get clicks and sales via emails?

Follow the 5 secrets below. You can use the secrets immediately. I believe in practical tips – enjoy it.

1.       Tweak your welcome message

Tweak your welcome message and make it clickable. When someone subscribes to your newsletter, the first message they get sets the tone for future messages.

It’s the first impression you’re making to a stranger who has opted in to your list. Be extremely careful.

Eliminate any trace of marketing hype. Be real and just welcome the person. Salute people from your heart. Don’t try to fake it.

Be mild. Rather than exaggerate or try to over deliver on what you promised, take it easy at this stage. Just welcome a subscriber and assure them of what you’ve in store.

The purpose of a welcome message isn’t to sell, to brag or hone your skills, it’s for INTRODUCTION.

2.       Address a subscriber by her first name

Do you personalize your email letters?   email marketing icon

Start today. Studies have shown that when you address subscribers by their first names, it can increase click-through rates.

Of course, you’ve to set up your autoresponder campaign and optin box to capture first names and email addresses.

If you didn’t set this up, don’t even bother calling the first name.

But it’s important you capture the name so that you can personalize titles afterward.

How do you feel when a marketer who lives in Australia calls you by your first name, when you’re in America? Sounds good, huh?

Although, a lot of affiliate marketers who want quick results skip the name thing, but go after email addresses.

They think names don’t matter. Do you agree with them?

But understand that blogging is quite different from affiliate marketing. Bloggers build long-term relationships.

An affiliate marketer who owns a simple squeeze page may not bother about retaining subscribers. He simply wants some quick cash – not a voice or engaged blog!

3.       Don’t use hype, be real

Be real – there is no alternative to this.

Blogging is about connecting with the right people in your industry. Communicating with them and looking for viable ways to solve their problems. If you hide under the shell, not much can be accomplished at your blog.

When people subscribe to your newsletter, they don’t want a bunch of promotional emails from a get-rich-quick expert. Whatever you do, relate with subscribers at their own level. Use your real photo and name. Enough of using pseudonym and fake identity – get real for once.

Once people perceive you as a real person who cares so much about their business, your click-through rates would boost exponentially. Give it a shot.

4.       Add a call-to-action word

As a copywriter, we understand that adding call-to-action words can make a huge difference to our copy. What does it mean? It means you’ve to use the right words, at the appropriate time and spot.

There are certain words that can trigger action. When you properly use them on your subjective line, the recipients would be curious enough to check it out. The call-to-action words are “verbs.”

They convey your message with a hook. Subscribers can’t refuse or ignore them.

I’ve used action words several times to skyrocket my email letters. And not just for email marketing, it also works when used for blog posts headlines, a copy or an article. Here are few examples: smart, effective, actionable, powerful, hit, strike, expand, strategy, tactics and so on.

5.       Ask a relevant question

What makes a question relevant?

First, it must be related to your expertise. Secondly, people joined your list because they wanted to learn more about a certain topic or subject.

When you ask questions that resonate with the recipient, it becomes relevant and they would be motivated to answer it. How? By clicking to see what you’ve got. Oftentimes, email subscribers like bloggers are sleeping – you need to get them agile again.

A boring subject line will make them snore. But when you ask a relevant and thought-provoking question, even though they’re not interested in your emails any longer, they’d click, read and take action out of curiosity.

What’s your secret?

Have you written a clickable email subject line recently? What is your greatest secret? Share your comment with us by leaving a comment below. See you at the top!

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