Win More Readers with These Tips

Blogging is all about creating the best content and finding engaging channels to market. Essentially, if you can get your content in front of people quickly, it’ll increase the chances of winning customers over. However, there are some fundamentals you should follow, like creating problem solving content that is well researched, in-depth, and easy to share. Sometimes, you can write the best content, but it hard to share online because the headline and/or images are NOT engaging enough. Just like when you are doing a quick search in Google, you are more likely to get a click-through if you have an attractive title and description. With this being part 5 of our marketing series, I would like explore the following…

Utilizing social media marketing to win over customers and looking at such elements as…

  • Social share buttons
  • Quality content
  • Social platforms
  • Format

Let’s jump right in…

Adding Social Buttons

The first way to win over customers through marketing channels is to provide them with an easy to share interface. It’s been often said one of the best ways to market your business is to have others do it for you. For this reason, having social buttons above and below content will definitely help build engagement. Next, if the person sharing is influential with thousands of followers, the people on their profile are more likely to engage with your content. To win over customers, you have to make sure it’s easy to reach them, which is why social media is so enormous. It’s an interface to quickly market the best content to niche related people.

If you’re using WordPress, installing a simple plug-in then configuring the buttons in the backend is all that’s required.

Here are a few popular ones…

  • Ultimate Social Deux

Doing a quick search in Google will provide a long list of WordPress plugins!

Quality Content

By now, you should know if you want to win over customers, you’ll have to produce epic content. You’ll have enormous competition within your niche and the only thing that differentiates you is the quality of your content. Always do your research before starting to write content so you can add elements to your content your competitors are NOT utilizing, For example, before writing content, I research topic and other quality content gathering ideas. If I can make content longer, I’ll include words, making it more in-depth and even add videos, images, etc. Here is what you have to understand…

You’ll have a higher chance of winning customers if you provide them with what they need. Next, the highest quality content will get shared thousands of times so it’s important to ensure you create epic content worth sharing by NOT only yourself, but also authority bloggers within your niche.

Once you’re ready to share, it’s important you know the right channels, which I’ll discuss in the next section…

Right Social Platforms

One lesson I learned too late in my profession is not to waste time on networks that don’t produce enormous results. For example, I would spend 1-2 hours on social networks, which would translate into 100 visitors per month. I realized staying active on Twitter, Facebook, Google +, and Pinterest is more than enough to drive thousands of people to my blog. Not to mention, authority bloggers are only on high authority social networks so I should engage on the same networks.

Going forward, you should find out what networks are popular in your niche. From my experience, Twitter and Facebook are awesome social platforms to start with and if you don’t find the right type of engagement “targeted” to your niche, you can always start to expand.

If you want to win over customers through marketing, then it’s important to know where to market so your time will equate to an ROI on time.


When sharing content on social media, it’s important to know what’s attractive to readers. For example, Twitter users love images so you might want to incorporate them when “tweeting” your content. performs well with both images and text but you should test finding out what’s right for your niche. Pinterest we know is completely about images so make sure you choose the right ones. The point is to make sure you test so you know what works compared to other options. Here’s something else…

On social networks, you will want to make sure to include the right #hashtags within your content because it will help people find your tweet and organize your information. I’ve written extensively on Twitter and what type of content you should focus on when sharing. You can view the complete post here. Next,

Always track your results so you can make tweaks along the way. This way, you’ll optimize, increasing the chances of your content being found by the right people, helping you win over customers.

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