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Because social media is changing the way we communicate online, I thought it would be a good idea to share some cool things I learned. I was skimming through some blogs I read and there was an interesting post on Twitter. Around 85% of businesses online have a Twitter account and at least 65% of them are on it daily. With so much activity, it’s important to know what actually produces the most results. In the end, I found a few cool statistics that I wanted to share with you quickly. The next time you are going to share content on Twitter, you might want to keep these stats in mind so you can optimize the response you receive from your audience.

Here’s the statistics of the type of content that is shared the most on Twitter.

Before we continue…

Neil Patel analyzed to analyze 1,000 Twitter users and 398,582 tweets to see if he could figure out what type of content gets shared the most.


Text Performs Better

This is a shocker! You would think images would perform better than text because they stand out more and can be attention grabbing, however, statistics have shown otherwise. For example, 93% of the tweets analyzed were text and didn’t contain any images and videos. 65% of those were text-based tweets that contained a link and this is the most important part because it increases the chance of engagement. By embedded a simple link within your tweet, you create the potential of driving traffic back to your website. Next,

Statistics showed out of 259,078 text-based tweets analyzed, 86% of those were “retweeted”, which, again, can drive more traffic through the link to your website. In the end, we’ve learned that text-based tweets are more popular and have a higher chance of engagement compared to images and/or videos.



How about images or videos…Let’s find out…

Images Perform Better Than Videos

The percentages here are strictly compared between image and videos. In other words, Neil analyzed the 398,582 tweets for images and videos to check engagement. These images and videos do and don’t include text, but the overall assessment is a comparison between tweets containing images and videos.

Users on Twitter tweet images 361% more than they tweet videos and images get 128% more re-tweets than videos. In terms of strictly “Favorites”, videos are favored 49% more than images.

It’s a good idea to understand why one outperforms another and the following assumptions have been made. First, videos tend to be much harder to create and when they are tweeted, they get “favored” because users understand the effort put into them. Next, 62% of images shared on Twitter are humour based, which is why it is easy to share on Twitter. You simply find an image and re-tweet it, using social shared buttons or uploading.


There are so many brands that are sharing content in Twitter and when you view social engagement from a “brand” stand point, it’s easier to share an image than a video. Brands find creative ways to manipulate images for marketing purposes because it’s easier than having to create a video each time. Social activity can be very demanding so you need to stay active, which images allow you to do.

Content .vs. Content?

Now that we’ve determined which format of “tweet” performs better compared to the other, it’s time we dissect further. Images are simply pictures and videos can be considered a form of media. Text-based tweets can be various different kinds like how-to, list base, questions, and even quotations. It would be awesome to find out what “type” of text performs the best. Thanks to Neil Patel, we have a breakdown…

First, personal tweets based on someone’s day or what they are doing performed the least best. I guess people don’t care as much about what people are up to unless you’re a celebrity with power status like Oprah, Clooney, etc. However, as always, I’ve encouraged people to write content that solves a common problem and social statistics have again proven my point. For example,

Tweets and “retweets” were the highest when people were linking to how-to or list-based articles. After analyzing 259,078 text-based tweets, Neil Patel determined tweets linking to solution based content received “3” times more retweets than any other type of text-based content.


Not everyone writes content based on solutions and not everyone is a blogger who has something creative to say. Many people on Twitter do enjoy tweeting about their personal lifestyle so here is something that will help the next time you log into to Twitter. Start tweeting or re-tweeting text-based content on improving your lifestyle or luxury lifestyle because those tweets did the best. Tweets based on a fancy car, watch, home, or a yacht performed the highest and you would get more favorites than if you were to tweet about what you ate for dinner.


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