What Went Wrong With BlogRush?

Remember BlogRush? It was the little widget created a year ago by Internet marketing kingpin John Reese. BlogRush exploded on the Internet as everyone and their dog installed the widget on their blogs. BlogRush was suppose to help everyone get more traffic to their blogs.

I worked out that if BlogRush worked the way it was intended to work, it would send me upwards of 5,000 visitors per day. BlogRush had a ten tier referral system and I had over 2,200 blogs in my network generating millions of views. The only problem was, those views credits I built up never got served. What went wrong?

30 Million Credit Balance

A check of my BlogRush control panel showed I have a credit balance of 30,911,614 views. If BlogRush can serve all those impressions, and assuming a 0.25% click rate, it would result in over 77,000 visitors. Since BlogRush started, they have served less 800,000 impressions for me. My credit balance continues to increase everyday because there are blogs in my network that are still using the widget.

I removed my BlogRush widget when I saw there was no way BlogRush would be able to serve all the credits in my account. I imagine many others did the same. That means the chance of BlogRush serving the ad credits build up by all the bloggers in their network is next to impossible.

If you’re still running BlogRush, I’ll be interested in knowing if its able to serve your credit as fast as you can accumulate them. Amazingly enough, I still have enough blogs in my network to generate 17,000 credits per day. Too bad BlogRush will never be able to serve them.