DealDotCom and BlogRush – The Power of Hype


Ever wonders what happens to the traffic of some sites when nearly everyone in the blogsphere talks about them? Take a look at the Alexa traffic graph comparing my blog to that of BlogRush and DealDotCom.

Billing itself as the Woot! of Internet marketing products, with a great affiliate program that pays 35% commission on the first tier and 15% on the second, DealDotCom exploded onto the blogging world. And the amazing thing is, the site doesn’t officially go live until tomorrow. If the rise of DealDotCom was impressive, then rise of BlogRush has been nothing short of meteoric. Pretty much every blog I visited today has a post on it. At the rate it’s growing, BlogRush will have every blog on the Net signed up within a month!

BlogRush Growing Pains

This kind of growth level always puts the developers on the edge. Logging into my BlogRush control panel today, I see a message from BlogRush founder, John Reese.

The first 60 hours since we launched the BlogRush public beta has been nothing short of EXPLOSIVE. We knew that we were developing an exciting tool that many bloggers could benefit from, but we had no idea how fast the ‘word’ would spread across the Web.

With this explosive growth has come some challenges, and our entire team is working very hard to solve any potential bug and issue that we’ve been alerted to. We’re improving things at a very rapid pace and we hope to have the entire network completely stabilized very soon.

To make up for the growing pains, BlogRush is giving everyone bonus credits. Their entire surplus of syndication credits will be given to the BlogRush users. They will randomly distribute all extra credits amongst the entire network for awhile to reward the early adopters. To get maximum benefit from BlogRush, you pretty much have to be among the first to sign up. It’s only been live for a day so you should still be good.

Now, I hope DealDotCom’s grand opening goes well tomorrow. I wonder what the first product will be?