What Does Making Money Online Mean To You?

I was supposed to fly home from BlogWorld Expo on Thursday but bad weather and an incompetent flight crew forced its cancellation. I didn’t enjoy being stuck on the tarmac for six hours waiting for takeoff. However, not taking off after waiting for six hours was a real epic fail. To make matters worst, all the direct flights the following day were sold out because of the US Memorial Day weekend.

In the end, I had to wait until today (Sunday) to fly home. This doubled the length of my New York trip. While I would have preferred flying home on Thursday, the fact that I make my money online means the trip extension doesn’t have any effect on me financially. I can just as easily run my online business from a hotel in New York as I can from my office at home. All I need is Internet access and a web browser.

Making Money Online Means Freedom

For me, making money online means freedom. I am not locked down to single location and I’m able to make money no matter where I am in the world. This is the Internet’s greatest advantage. Right now, I’m writing this blog post from JFK airport but I could just as easily write it from from anywhere, like a plane, or a train, or an automobile.

What does making money online mean to you? Please post your answer in the comments. I might have a prize for commentator who writes the best answer.