Blogging From 32,000 Feet

This blog post is coming to you from 32,000 feet in the air. I am on board Alaska Airlines flight 17 on my way to Seattle from Miami. Alaska Airlines has inflight Internet and I figure I would test it out with my first blog post from the sky!

I’m making this post with my Apple iPad and I must admit, it’s a pretty good blogging tool. That is if your blog post is all text and don’t have any images. I’m using the WordPress iPad app to write this post.

The inflight Internet speed is extremely slow. I tried to download the iPad speed test app to check the speed but have given up waiting for the app to download. At my home, I would be able to pull this app down in about five seconds. It’s been ten minutes and I’m only about 15% done on the download.

I’ll update this post when I get a chanced to run the speed test. Hopefully, the app will finish downloading before I land!

*Update – Speed Test finally downloaded (and I figured out a way to post images using the WordPress app). The ping was 28ms, upload speed was 0.28Mbps and download speed was 0.68Mbps. That’s pretty damn slow.