[Video] My Mobile Blogging Gears

I had to take my car into North Shore Acura today to get it service and change out the winter tires. Since I was going to be stuck at the dealership for a couple of hours, I figure I would just blog from there. After all, I’ve been blogging from all over the city lately so why not a car dealership? North shore Acura was actually a pretty good place to work from. They had a nice table for me to set up my blogging gears and a coffee machine that made a great Cafe Mocha. However, their wireless Internet was pretty slow.

I decided to use my time at North Shore to do a video featuring all the stuff in my laptop bag. These are the gears which allow me to run my business from anywhere in the world. My mobile blogging setup has scaled down a lot since I showed it in China. This had a lot to do with new flight restrictions the United States imposed after that failed underwear bombing attempt.

The entire video was filmed, processed and uploaded to YouTube while at North Shore Acura. The staff were pretty cool and didn’t seem to mind me making a home for myself. One of the salesmen even recognized who I was.