Urgency: The Key To Making Money Online

Imagine making more money than you can spend?

You and I know that earning a living from the internet is important.

But how are you going to increase the conversion rate for your own products and affiliate offers. That’s when “urgency” comes in.

As a freelance copywriter, I’ve employed this tactics to persuade prospective customers to act right now – because tomorrow might be too late.

When your ideal customers feel that you’ve great and incredible surprises for them, they’d take action almost immediately.

No matter the needs you want to meet with your blog, always use urgency to increase conversion rate. Keep reading…

The clock is ticking…

Decades ago, internet marketing and one-time offers were the best way to sell more products and become a successful information marketer.

Because, at the time, not many people understood that OTO pages are persuasive strategies.

They’re not tricks to lure you into buying what you don’t want. They can be beneficial because the product will complement the primary one.

But as the years go by, one-time-offer pages became popular and eventually, prospects realized how much money they were missing and decided to become affiliates and info marketers, too.

Today, OTO offers still works, but the conversion rate is lower. The conversion rate is higher in non internet-related niches. E.g. Health and Family.

When I started marketing online, each time I wake up in the morning, I’d literally feel as if there was a clock in my life that’s ticking down. The earlier I rise up to the occasion and do what I’ve to do, the better for me and my financial life.

Use urgency wisely    time-is-money

Are you a blogger, an affiliate marketer, an information marketer or freelancer?

It doesn’t really matter as long as you’re able to solve problems and answer questions like a pro. But you must use urgency wisely.

Like I said earlier, you’re never going to ask people to buy your product because you’re taking it down tomorrow.

If you do say that, then by tomorrow, make sure it goes down. Or else, your reputation would be dented.

The best way to use urgency to make more money online is to increase your VALUE, and convey the “value” message to your ideal customers.

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you could create step by step videos that explain how to use a particular software tool.

If you’ve just written your own e-book, in order to increase conversion rate and get prospects to buy right now, offer a discount that can last for 24 – 48 hours.

Also, use bonus products to encourage people, but put a deadline to let them know that the BONUS products will not be forever. All these copywriting strategies can skyrocket sales almost overnight, when done correctly.

Picture some cheesy turning point

Have you ever heard the statement, “I wish I had more time?” Well, such a statement sounds regretful and your ideal customers don’t want to ever experience a scenario like that, in the future.

That’s why you’ve to act fast. Start answering your prospects’ questions now – while making them understand that if they don’t take advantage of your product & service now, they might live to regret it.

Of course, you’re not trying to scare them or cajole them with hype. On the contrary, you’re doing your best to point out the reality which they must come to terms with.

The thought of fast forwarding 5 years from now and realizing that I hadn’t done what I wanted to do can be disheartening and cause someone to give up in his or her life’s pursuit.

Guess what? Your ideal customers and blog readers don’t want to experience that – at least not when it applies to their blogging life.

Do it now – it’s worth it!

Don’t postpone your success. If you’ve to write 5 guest posts and get them published on A-list blogs, don’t put it off for next week, do it now.

There is no better time to create your own product or become an affiliate marketer than NOW. You may fail several times, but don’t give up.

When you recommend an affiliate offer to your email list and readers, give them a STRONG reason (benefit) why they should try it NOW, not because you need their money per se, but because the product can meet their need in a very special way.

Are you looking for a skilled freelance writer, get in touch with me to write, market, drive traffic and sales to you.

Have you ever used “urgency” to increase your sales in any way? Please share your comment below in the box. See you at the top!

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