Tracking The Model X In Real Time with The Tesla App


Like a lot of new high-end luxury cars, the Tesla Model X has its own app. Unlike other car apps, the Tesla app can track your car in real time.

Available for both iPhone and Android, the Tesla Motors App allows you to remotely monitor and control your Tesla vehicle with your phone or Apple Watch. After downloading and installing the app, you use your email address and Tesla account password to connect to your car.

Once connected, the app can perform a variety of tasks, like unlocking the door without a key, honking the horn, flashing the lights, summoning the vehicle out of the garage without anyone driving, set the climate control, check range and charging status, and locate the vehicle.

Because the Model X is always connected to the Internet, the app can track the car in real time. If a thief tries to steal my Tesla, he wouldn’t get very far. A Model X would not be a good car to drive if you plan to have an affair. It might be hard to explain to the soon to be ex-wife why the car was at the Fashion Island Hotel when you said you were going to Dot Com Lunch at Pho Ba Co.

The video below shows me using the Tesla app to track my Model X as my wife and Sally drove home in it. Don’t you just love technology?

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