Tesla Model X Summon Feature


For your Sunday morning viewing pleasure, I thought I would give you a demonstration of the Summon feature found in my Tesla Model X (which I got for free).

Summon is a feature found in the Tesla app and the Tesla key. The feature allows you to basically drive the car by remote control. It’s great for those times when you’re at the mall and some asshat driver parks too close to your driver’s door. Instead of opening the door and trying to squeeze into the car, you use Summon to back the car out of the parking spot.

In addition to Summon, the Model X has Auto Summon. This feature will automatically summon the car out of the garage. Once activated, the car will open the garage door and back itself out onto the drive way. Once you get into the car and drive, it will close the garage door. You can also use Auto Summon to put the car back into the garage.

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