Top 5 Page Strategies For Bloggers

The landing page is also called the lead capture page.

But no matter what you call it, it’s that page on your blog or website where you connect, capture and communicate with your audience.

You need to start getting serious with blogging – that’s the only way to make money without feeling dejected.

A landing page enables you to build an email list, which is the foundation of your blogging career.

Without a mailing list, you can’t possibly relate with those who like you.

Yes, blogging has moved beyond selling a powerful plugin, e-book or theme, likeness is now a part of it.

Most strategies for building a large subscriber-base don’t produce good results.

The best strategy is to work on your landing page, then scale through from there. Let’s see the 5 landing page strategies for bloggers:

Create a landing page

This sounds like a basic tip. Would you be surprise if I tell you that 85% of bloggers don’t even have a landing page? You need to understand that no strategy is going to bring results, until you take that bold step to create a simple and valuable landing page.

When setting up your landing page, you’d want to make it resourceful. Don’t just slap a BIG headline & few words and expect hoards of readers to subscribe. It doesn’t work like that. Blogging isn’t affiliate marketing. Blogging is a great platform where your credibility can be tested.

Don’t fall for mediocre landing pages or create a crappy one for your blog. Make your landing pages exceptional. Use bullet points and subheadings to drive your primary message home. Don’t be too wordy, but provide quality information. Add a strong call to action to convert readers.

Focus on your niche

You must be focused on your niche. Don’t deviate to the right or left. It’s very important!

The other day, I read a landing page about how to make an effective SEO. Funny enough, the blog in question isn’t a search engine optimization blog. It wasn’t even about social media marketing. It’s about gardening practices.

Needless to say, I was hooked to the landing page. But I couldn’t subscribe because I wasn’t looking for any SEO secret, I just needed to complete a book about gardening.

The blog owner has just lost a potential customer and who knows, I might refer hundreds or even thousands of customers in the future.

When you’re focused, people will regard you as a professional. Professionals are well respected because of their special skills and knowledge. If you want people to visit your landing page and subscribe, be focused. It’s my call to you.

Add email optin box

Most likely, you want blog readers to join your email list, so that you can follow-up and build a personal relationship with them. Well, it begins with a simple optin box.

Most people use a pop up box on their blogs, which I’ve personally used. But the best way to satisfy readers while giving them the real meat is by situating the optin box on the landing page.

Add your subscription box at the top and below the call to action. Tell readers what they would get as soon as they subscribe. “What’s in it for me” is the question going through a visitor’s mind.

Are you one of those people who don’t send insightful contents, but affiliate offers just to make quick bucks?

Clear every doubt. Offer a valuable list-bait that not only helps the subscriber, but also builds your brand.

Interlink the landing page with other pages

A landing page can rank highly in Google first page. Some people know how to optimize the landing page, while others barely get past keyword research. Sure, the first thing you ought to do with your landing page is to target the right keywords. But it goes beyond that.

For instance, if you’re a web developer, you could optimize your landing page for “web developer services, website design quotes” and so on.

Interlinking strengthens inner pages of your blog. If you interlink the landing page with other pages, don’t be surprise when you find your landing page showing on Google homepage.

In fact, always link to your landing page from every single post you make. Make your pages stronger by interlinking them.

Call to action

This is simple. Tell your readers what to do. Most people are indecisive in nature. They don’t like to take action, because they’re afraid of failing. And when they fail, they won’t accept the fact that failure isn’t an excuse.

So, this group of people wants you to instruct their minds. Tell them what to do and you’ll find them doing it.

When you successfully drive traffic to your landing page, don’t assume that they’ve seen the optin box. You’ve got to ask them to enter their name and email address to get instant access.

Take action now…!

Today is the best day to start capturing email leads and communicating with your readers.

Don’t wait until you’ve made your first $1000 before launching your email marketing campaign. Create a professional landing page and share your success story. See you at the top!

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