Keyword Winner 2 – WordPress SEO At Its Best

It has been almost 6 months since the initial launch of Keyword Winner, one of the best WordPress SEO plugins available. Daniel Lew, the creator of this plugin, hasn’t been resting on his laurels. He’s gone out and completely revamped the plugin with even more features and functions.

The Keyword Winner 2.0+ release has been upgraded to the max, including the ability to perform detailed keyword and page-ranking research. The best part is, it does this right from your WordPress dashboard. The core features of Keyword Winner at this time enable you to:

  • Full control of Keyword Research
  • Check SEO Stats instantly
  • Competition, Insights & Search Trends and Backlinks Clear as Crystal
  • Keyword Suggestions for Low Competition Headlines & High Search Trends
  • Color Highlighted to Target Specific Search Terms
  • Add Tag Option
  • Meta Keyword Option
  • Page Competition, PageRank & Position Rank Checker
  • Country Specific Search Option
  • Supports all Languages

Keyword Winner turns your blog’s posting screen into a full-blown keyword research supercenter. You type in the word, click on “get suggestions,” and the plugin quickly gives you detailed keyword information. It helps you to choose the very best keywords for each of your post.

The title tag is one of your most important on-page SEO attribute. Keyword Winner takes the guess work out of finding the best keywords to use in your title. As you make your blog post title, Keyword winner will suggest other keywords to use that could get you ranked in Google a lot sooner and a lot higher up the results page. Best of all, Keyword winner is the only tool that put it right into your WordPress control panel. The information is there at your finger tips making it easier to target the right headlines and rank to the 1st page of Google easily. The results can be pretty amazing.

If you’ve tried the original Keyword Winner, you’re going to love Keyword Winner 2.0. The new features are pretty awesome. Go check it out now.