Top 5 Funny Things I Love About Blogging

As I write this post, I’m smiling from chin to chin. Would you blame me?

I don’t know about you, but blogging can be funny at times.

Did you know that a lot of people actually started their blogs because of the income reports they read from someone else’s blog? I told you that this post is going to make your day.

Yes, those set of bloggers who were inspired to get a domain name didn’t consider the hard work, the pain, the nightmares and all the risks of entering into a new realm – yes, blogging is like a world of its own.

As promised, the goal of writing this post is to lift you up.

If you are down right now, it’s time to cheer up. Even if you find “just” one point funny, my goal is achieved. Enjoy and leave a comment.

1.      You can become rich from someone else’s sweat

Wow, how on earth can you achieve that? On the internet, anything you can imagine is possible. Trust me, it is.

Most people spend their precious moments working, writing, editing, proofreading, creating, shooting and packaging valuable products for the target audience. If you’re a blogger, you may not subject yourself to all those severe “punishments.”

You can just fold your arms, and watch every step authors and product creators take. By the time they’re through with their products – you can join and make some BIG ‘funny’ commissions. Guess what I’m talking about?

You got it right – affiliate marketing. Look at it for a moment. A serious marketer suffered to gather facts and made a valuable product – you just appeared from nowhere to earn from it. I Love Blogging!

You could even earn extra income trading binary options. Read this Banc De Binary review to get started. You’ll like it.

2.      You can’t believe it, some bloggers hadn’t updated their blogs for the past 3 months!   Funny Blogger

Aha, I’ve given you a thought to think about today.

If you’re one of such persons who bear the title of a “blogger” but have totally neglected your business tool, what’s your excuse?

I accept, some people are TRULY busy – but is that a yardstick for negligence?

Don’t throw a stone at me; I’ve two bloggers right now who are close friends of mine by the way.

They launched their blogs (installed wordpress CMS) 3 months ago.

As I write this, they still have 2 blog posts only: (1). Why they started a blog (2). Hello! Can someone tell me how they’re going to build a profitable blog?

3.      Social media addicts see themselves as bloggers

Another bang, if you ask me. Have you seen people who spend the bulk of their times tweeting, sharing and chatting with friends and family, and if you ask them what they do – they’d have the guts to say “I’m a blogger”.

First, blogging is a type of social media networking. Any platform that connects people together can be seen from the social ladder – but wasting time on those social media giants with the hope of making it big at blogging is a waste of time.

It’s funny, it is wickedness to your business and I admonish you to reconsider it. Yes, twitter and Facebook marketing is still required to gain traction online.

But ideally, you should spend the bulk of your time writing and marketing. You can’t promote what you’ve not produced. Think about it!

4.      75% of bloggers who are broke didn’t monetize at all

Each time I consider this point, it’d cause me to laugh out loud. The truth is, some of your bloggers’ friends who complain that making money blogging is a myth aren’t monetizing at all. Or better yet, they hadn’t monetized properly in the past.

How can someone complain that a particular system failed, when they’re yet to try it? To me, it’s like saying that your new born baby cries so much, when you’ve never heard him/her cry. If you take a look at your blog, can you beat your chest and say that you’re monetizing effectively?

If you’re not, there is no need to complain or point accusing fingers to lack of targeted traffic, or Google Panda (or the sisters: Penguin and EMDs). Go and add an income generating offer on your blog this very moment – then worry about targeted traffic and sales afterward.

5.      You can “steal” someone’s headline and craft yours

A lot of bloggers and writers are stuck on the headline. They don’t know how to write the one that can generate clicks. You should realize that the headline can determine whether your post ever goes viral or perish in the dungeon.

But that’s why blogging is an interesting career to pursue. You could just look at my headline for this particular post, copy it to your notepad or word editor and craft yours.

You could just change the word “funny” to “awesome” or “simple” and bam – that’s your own headline and no one can sue you for it – not even me.

So, why must you complain that you’ve problems with crafting attractive headlines? Guess what professional bloggers does? They’d simply look at the headlines that piqued their minds.

Then, they’d “steal” the idea and dazzle their readers with a better title. Even if you call them copycats, they’re raking in 6-figure income. Truth be told, this is how successful bloggers started their journey.

Visit your favorite blogs. Read the popular posts to see what the headlines have in common. Then study, jot down key points and write a stellar one. My little secret shared!

If you don’t comment, you’re funny

What funny thing or lesson do you like about blogging? I want you to share it below in the comment. Hopefully, we can get 50 – 100 funny things to celebrate with. See you at the top!

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