Tony Roma’s Ribs, Seafood & Steaks. But Mostly Ribs


If you’re feeling in the mood for some good old BBQ ribs and Memphis Blue BBQ is too far away, then Tony Roma’s is a good second choice. Considered the pioneer of Baby Back Ribs, Tony Roma’s can now be found all over the world. With nearly 200 restaurants in 32 countries, the restaurant that Tony started has become a worldwide success story. They have won countless awards over the years for their ribs and signature sauces.

Tony Roma’s reminds me a lot of the Red Lobster. The two restaurants are very similar in style and decor. These aren’t high end restaurant by any means. However, they are a nice enough place to take a date or a family for night out on the town.

The Onion Loaf


There’s really no better way to start a rib feast than with a massive loaf of deep fried onions. It reminded me a lot of the blooming onion served by the Outback Steakhouse. The main difference is the loaf has the onion taken apart instead of in one big piece. The dipping sauce wasn’t very spicy but did had a nice kick to it. I wouldn’t recommend eating this too often. I’m sure the fat and calorie count must be through the roof.

Grilled Gulf Shrimps


The grilled shrimps look really good on the menu so I decided to order a plate to try it out. I’m glad I did because it tasted way better than the ribs. Make sure you order these shrimps if you’re ever at a Tony Roma’s.

Original Baby Back Ribs


This is what Tony Roma’s is famous for and I can’t for the life of me see why. The ribs at are not cooked for 12 hours like classic southern BBQ. As such, the meat doesn’t fall off the bone like those at Memphis Blues. It also doesn’t match Memphis Blue for flavor or taste. However, it wasn’t bad. I had my ribs with two sauces – original and Carolina honey. I prefer the Carolina honey sauce. A classic coleslaw and corn on the cob gave the dish that good old USA feel.

Dinner at Tony Roma’s came to $60 with tax and tips, which isn’t too bad for two people. The food was good, the service was sub-par on the day we went. The restaurant wasn’t at all busy so I can’t understand why the service was so slow. Must have been an off day.