These 5 Car Brands Have the Most Speeding Tickets in 2022

Do you drive an Audi S4? Have you noticed that insurance for it is much higher than comparable cars? Well, the reason for that is because Audi S4 drivers are the worst speeding offenders.

According to new data by Insurify, 20.87% of Audi S4 owners has received one or more speeding tickets. This is more than double the US national average.

The 349-horsepower Audi S4 has the speediest drivers, a whopping 20.87% of whom have a speeding ticket on record. This rate is more than double the brand’s average of 10.02%. Audi Q7 drivers, meanwhile, accrue tickets about half as often as the average Audi owner.

According to Insurify, the top 5 car brands with the most speeding tickets are Scion, Infiniti, Volkswagen, Saab, and Audi.

You might be looking at this and thinking these car brands make a few sporty models but they’re not horsepower monsters like what Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, or even Tesla makes. How come the truly fast car don’t get as many speeding tickets? The answer is, when you know you’re fast, you don’t need to prove it. Also, owners of supercars are generally older and mature.

This remains me of the South OC Cars and Coffee rule of no speeding, no burnout and no revving. The violators of these rules almost always drive slow shit boxes. The supercars, and their owners, never do that crap at the show.

This doesn’t mean supercar owners get the least speeding tickets. According to Insurify, that honor belongs to Fiat.

Drivers of Fiat cars are the most law-abiding motorists when it comes to vehicle speed. Just 7.09% of Fiat drivers have a speeding ticket on record, a share that’s 24% lower than the national average.

I suspect the real reason Fiat is the lowest is because their cars are so weak you can’t speed even if you want to!