This Guy Keyed The Wrong Tesla

One of the best features of Tesla vehicles is Sentry Mode. By making uses of the multiple FSD (Full Self Driving) cameras around the car, Sentry Mode can record its surroundings when the car is parked. When Sentry Mode detect a person or object approaching, the cameras start recording.

Most of the time, it just records people walking by the car. But once in a while, it will record someone up to no good. In case, a vandal keying a new Tesla Model 3.

Leo, the Model 3 owner, was parked outside a Target in Alameda, California, when he came back to discovered that his Tesla had been keyed on all four panels of the passenger side while he was shopping. Leo immediately reviewed the Sentry Mode clips.

The footage showed a guy walking around his car before pulling out what looks like a set of car keys. He proceeded to drag them all along the passenger side of the Leo’s Model 3. He dug really deep to make sure he damaged the paint.

You think the guy would run away at this point, but no. He returned back a few minutes later to check out his handy work and even started feeling the scratches to make sure it was nice and deep. To top it all off, he then went and keyed the Jeep parked next to Leo’s Tesla!

After reviewing the Sentry Mode footage, Leo knew he’ll be able to identify the guy and the car he was driving. Leo suspected the guy was doing this for fun, so he thought he was probably still in the parking lot. Sure enough, Leo was able to located him. Even with mall security there, the guy denied his acts of vandalism and acted very aggressively toward them. Leo then call 911. The cops showed up, took a look at the Sentry Mode footage, and arrested the guy. The footage of the guy being taking away in handcuffs is so satisfying.

Repairs to Leo’s Model 3 took one week and cost over $4,800. The district attorney sent Leo a letter requesting a list of all the property damage, and since Leo caught the vandal, they’ll be seeking restitution on his behalf.

So this is a public service message to all car vandals. Don’t go around keying Teslas unless you want to be caught on Sentry Mode cameras.