Ferrari SF48 Unica Is a One-Off Supercar Based On The F8 Tributo

While Ferrari will let anyone buy their t-shirts, they are ver picky about who buys their cars. Recently, they banned Justin Bieber for life because he left his Ferrari 458 unattended for two weeks and even forgot where he parked it.

Ferrari have different levels of customers. Customers at the lowest level can only buy regular Ferraris. You need to be a VIP or VVIP customer to be able to buy a limited edition Ferrari like the LeFerrari or to be part of the FXX program. At the very top of the Ferrari customer hierarchy is a customer so important, Ferrari is willing to build a one-off car just for him. And that is how the Ferrari SF48 Unica came into being.

The SF48 Unica is the latest addition to its portfolio of customer-commissioned one-off models. Based on the F8 Tributo, the coupe was created by the Ferrari Styling Center for an extremely important anonymous client who participated in every step of the design process.

Almost every part of the F8’s exterior has been redesigned. The SF48 features new lights, a reshaped bumper, and twin nose vents. The blacked-out A pillars create the illusion of a wrap-around windshield. At the rear, thin rectangular lights replaced the F8’s quad round units. To save weight, the car has no rear view window, which mean you won’t be able to see the V8 engine.

Unlike the wild exterior, the interior of the SF48 is pretty much stock F8 Tributo. The customer did request black laser-perforated Alcantara upholstery draped over a layer of fabric that matches the car. Matte carbon fiber trim and Grigio Canna di Fucile accents were also specified.

The engine of the SF48 is the same 3.9-liter, twin-turbocharged V8 that powers the F8. It’s rated at 710 horsepower and 568 pound-feet of torque, powerful enough to send the car from 0 to 62 mph in less than 3 seconds.

As is normally the case with Ferrari one-offs, Ferrari does not reveal who the customer of the SF48 Unica is or how much the car cost to build. But if you have to ask, you’re not a Ferrari VVIP customer.