The Winner of The USB Drink Cooler

USB Drink Cooler

Last Friday, I held a contest to give away a CoolIT Chiller USB drink cooler. It was the most successful contest yet. Over 250 comments were made to the contest post. When you consider that my testing of the Chiller showed it doesn’t keep your drink cold, the number of entries is pretty funny. I guess a lot of people want useless stuff.

Today I drew the winner of the Chiller and I just couldn’t believe it. I almost ripped it up and drew another name but that would be dishonest. So, in an ironic twist of fate, the winner of the CoolIT Chiller is John Cow.

I’m sure Mr. Cow will be mooing and hi-hoofing all the other cows in the barn for winning the cooler. Look for another useless contest soon. Well, the next item won’t be as useless.