A Really Cool Blog Contest


Man, have I got a cool contest for you! The CoolIT USB Beverage Chiller is the world’s first USB powered drink cooler. That’s right! You can be the true cool kid at the next LAN party. While everyone is sucking down warmed over Coke, you’ll keep your cool because your drink is still cold. At least you can pretend it is.

My testing of the CoolIT Chiller shows it doesn’t really work but that doesn’t matter. Thirst is nothing. Imagine is everything! And the imagine the Chiller projects is you have all the cool toys. I have a Chiller sitting by my desk and now you can have one too!

To enter the Chiller thriller contest, just reply to this post. I’ll draw a random winner on Sunday and that person will become the new cool kid on the block. You only need to reply once. Making multiple comments won’t get you multiple entries. However, if you blog about it and send a trackback to this post, I’ll accept that as a second entry.

Good luck!