What’s Happening In The Community

Here are a few things that members of the John Chow dot Community are up to lately. I love checking all the sites of community members. I have discovered many great sites this way.

The Fight Against Leukemia

Jacob over at Zero To Med is helping raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society by going on a walk. You can make a donation to Jacob’s walk here. I’ll be giving $100.

The Fight Against Famine

My Dot Com Pho friend Greg is helping starving children around the world by starving himself. Greg will be doing a 30 hour famine for World Vision. I don’t think I have ever gone without food for more than 12 hours. You can donate to Greg’s famine fest here. I’ll be chipping in $100 and I plan to buy Greg something to eat after because I’m sure he’ll be hungry.

Peace Deals – Can We Talk About It?

kevan has a started a new site call peacedeals.org. Here’s how it works:
Let’s say you’ve got a problem with a fellow blogger, a seller, a gamer, or your wife, but talking isn’t working and court is too expensive. Take it to peacedeals!

Users sign up for an account, open a case, and send an invitation to the person they’re having a dispute with. Once both sides have carefully explained their side of the story, a mediator will ask each party any questions that need to be asked, and then render a fair, objective decision.

The “John Chow will like this” part is actually two parts: first of all, accepted mediators can make a great deal of money while making useful contributions to real life. Secondly, people mired in online and offline conflicts can use peacedeals to help them reach a peaceful resolution.

Does Commenting On Other Blogs Get You Backlinks?

Marc at Last Blogger is asking Does Commenting On Other Blogs Get You Backlinks? The answer is yes because he just got one.

How To Make $100 Per Day

Career Ramblings’ Jane May, who was voted one of the sexiest bloggers of 2007, has started her own blog call Jane May Blogs. Her latest post is how to make $100 per day. Is that even enough to live on?

MsDanielle Turns Thirty

Yes, Ms Danielle has turn the big 30. She decided to take a trip down memory lane and dug up a bunch of photos dating back all the way to 1998. Her conclusion from all this, “I’m out of shape!”