The Winner of The Google Christmas Gift

Congrats goes out the Tyson Williams for winning the Christmas gift from Google. Tyson’s name was drawn out of over 300 entries. That makes this contest one of the best ever. You guys must want a flash drive really bad!

For those who didn’t win, don’t feel too bad. There are still two more contests going on. The first is the TTZ Media affiliate contest for a 22″ LG LCD monitor. We’re giving away two of those. The deadline to enter that contest is the end of this year (that’s in two days). If you haven’t got your entry in, better get on it!

The second contest is for the Ruff PC laptop. I made it into the final round of voting. I came second in the last round. If I win this final round, I win the Ruff PC and that means one of you will win the Ruff PC! So head on over there and vote! Or just vote for me here using this widget. 🙂

Help me win by putting the above poll on your blog. Using the following codes:

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