TTZ Media Launches Affiliate Program with a Big Contest

Earn 10% for 12 Months

TTZ Media Network has finally launched their affiliate program. Now, not only can you make money online by running TTZ Media ads, you can make money by referring other publishers to the network. For every publishers you referred that are accepted into TTZ Media, you will earn 10% on what the referred sites make for 12 months. There is no limit to the number of sites you can refer. Refer enough sites and this can become a nice passive income source.

Win One of Two 22″ Monitors


To kick the affiliate program off, BlueFur Web Hosting will put up two 22″ LG LCD monitors as prizes for a contest. More prizes will be added later. If any other companies wish to put up prizes of equal value, let me know. Here are the ways to enter

  • Sign up for TTZ Media. All accepted sites that run TTZ Media ads get one entry. If you are already signed up for TTZ Media and are running the ads, then you can skip this step.
  • Refer other sites to TTZ Media. Every site you refer that are running the ads equals one entry. Plus you get 10% of what they make for 12 months!
  • Making a blog post about this contest and the launch of the TTZ Affiliate Program will get you two entries.
  • Buying this $10 webhosting package from BlueFur will get you five entries.

How Do I Refer Another Site?

When you sign up for TTZ Media, you will be given an affiliate ID. That ID is used to track your ad clicks as well as referrals. Your affiliate link is built into the “Power by TTZ Media” link that is displayed with every banner. When someone clicks that link, they are sent to TTZ Media using your affiliate ID.

Not only will signing up affiliates to TTZ Media make you 10% for 12 months but you can get a contest entry for every new affiliate you sign up! You can see the number of sites you’ve signed up in the Detailed Stats of your TTZ control panel.

To send someone to TTZ using your ID in a blog post, simple use the URL . Replace xxxx with your ID. You can hide the link behind a redirect if you like. We will be releasing TTZ Media banners and buttons for you to use in the next few days. If you want to try your hands at designing some banners for me, go for it.

I Applied To TTZ But Was Rejected. Can I Still Enter The Contest?

Yes you can. Blogging about this contest and the launch of the TTZ Media Affiliate Program will get you two entries and buying the $10 BlueFur hosting package will get you five entries. Once you’ve made your blog post, send me an Email with the URL to the post. When I confirm everything is good, I’ll credit you with the entry. Winners will be drawn at the start of the new year.

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