The Sumo Titan – Taking The Bean Bag Chair To The Next Level

A year ago, I tested a product call the Omni Reloaded by Sumo Lounge. The Omni was a great chair and even helped me recovered from my bike accident.

Sumo is famous for their beanbag chairs, and their new Titan is one of the biggest beanbags I’ve ever seen. It’s more of a beanbag bed than a beanbag chair. The Sumo Titan measures 70″ x 49″ x 36″ and weighs a whopping 50 pounds!

The chair/bed is available in suede or cord, and your choice of 15 different colors. we went with red because it seemed like a good color for a beanbag.

I should point out that while Sumo calls this a beanbag chair, there are no beans in it. While some Sumo chair does use beans, the Titan is filled with 100% polyurethane foam. Using beans would no doubt make the chair so heavy, that you wouldn’t be able to move it!

Using foam for filling does have its advantages. It’s a lot softer and that means Sally can do a flying leap into the chair, and not hurt herself.

The foam also allows me to change the shape of the Titan. By laying it flat, it became of nice bed/coach. Flipping it on its side turns the Titan into a huge body hugging chair with pretty good back support.

The Sumo Titan sells for $429 for the suede ($449 for cord), with free shipping. The quality is top notch. Sally and her friends have been trying to destroy it since I got it. The Titan has withstood hundreds of jumps, and not a single piece of foam have escape. When not being abused by hyperactive kids, the Titan becomes a great spot to chill and relax.

Some might say paying $429 is high for a beanbag chair. However, I paid $1,600 for my Herman Miller office chair, and it’s no where near as fun. Judging by how Sally loves the Sumo, I say the Titan is a bargain.



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