Why You Always Need A Backup Plan

On Sunday morning, I went for my morning bike ride. It was a clear day but there was some rain from the night before. Because it hasn’t rain for such a long time, any amount of rain can create what is known as California black ice. I hit a patch of that on a turn, and crashed the bike, skidding with the right side of my body onto the concrete bike path.

The end result was a really bad road rash, a broken collar bone, fractures on two ribs, and a bent handle bar. As bad as that sound, it could have been a lot worst. If I wasn’t wearing my helmet, I may not be making this post right now. The only thing I remember thinking as my head was skidding along the ground was, “Gee. This helmet is working!”

I ended up in Emergency at Newport Beach Hospital, where they bandaged me up, took some x-rays and told me what got broken. In all my life, I have never broken anything in my body. It was a streak I hope would never be broken. Not only did I broke multiple bones, I will have to get surgery to fix it. This will be another first.

At the Emergency wing of Newport Beach Hospital

I guess this post is as good as time as any to bring up the back up plan. Does your blog have one? What would happen to your online business if you were suddenly taken out of commission for a few weeks or months? Will it continue to thrive, or will it die? How about just backing things up? Do you even do that? What would happen if your web host lost all your data? John Chow dot Com is backed up and protected by VaultPress.

My blog has a backup plan in place, and because of that, you’ll be seeing more blog posts from the staff writers while I start my road to recovery. And I intend to fully recover, and come back stronger than ever.

The US Medical System Is Pretty Awesome If You’re Rich

This is the first time I’ve experienced the US medical system. I have to admit, I really didn’t like Obamacare because it jacked my premieres up $200 to $850 a month. By comparison, my BC Medical only cost $130 a month for my entire family. However, when you need service, the US system is pretty hard to beat. I mean, the Newport Hospital had valet parking! The place was so clean you could eat off the floor.

After being released from the hospital, I made an appointment with an Orthopedic specialist (no referral required), and he has me scheduled for surgery this Friday. I’ll be out in time to fly to New York for Affiliate Summit on Saturday night (Yes! I am still going!). If this was Canada, I’ll still be waiting for my family doctor to refer me to a specialist, and then I’ll have to wait who knows how long to see him. I guess you do get what you pay for.