The Problem with Lining Up All Your Ducks In A Row

Yesterday, I posted a video showing all the equipments I use to film Driving with John Chow. The video was made mostly out of concern for my friend Shoemoney. I didn’t want him killing anyone while doing videos in his car with his iPhone.

The video worked as intended, and Shoe went out and bought every item on the list. He even sent me a screenshot of the Amazon purchase. That’s great and all, but how does this affect you? After all, not everyone can do $1,000+ impulse purchases like Shoe can. Does that mean you should wait until you saved up all the money to buy the same equipment I use before making videos? For many, that is exactly what it means.

A huge reason why people are not successful at making money online is because they are trying to line up all their ducks in a row. They want to wait until everything is perfect before starting. I know many people like this and I’m sure you do as well. They hold off buying that house because they think the market might go down. They hold off starting that new business because economy isn’t right. They hold off getting married because they need to save money for that big wedding. They hold off making money online because [insert whatever excuse you want].

The Ability To Choose Your Response

When you really dig deep and look at the things that are keeping you from where you want to be, you’ll find that it’s not the economy, the market, other people, or your neighbor’s dog. It’s the person staring at you in the mirror. Failures are always looking for outside factors to blame their situation on because they don’t want to accept responsibility.

Look at the word, responsibility. Many of people think it means the same thing as accountability but it really doesn’t. In a nutshell, it means the ability to choose your response. In any situation you’re faced with, you have the ability to choose how you want to respond to it. A responsible person doesn’t need to have all his ducks in a row.

Success Comes To Those Who Make Opportunities Happen

Success doesn’t come to those who wait for opportunities to happen. If you’re waiting for all your ducks to line up before going forward with making money on the Internet, you’re going to be waiting till the cows come home (that’s a long, long time). The frequency of those ducks lining up is about the same as the frequency of all the planets in the Solar System lining up. If I had waited until everything was right before starting my blog, I would still be waiting today.

Stop waiting around for conditions to be perfect before you do something. Stop getting ready to get ready. Just do it now. The perfect time will never come because the perfect time is right now. The sooner you realize that, the better off you will be. Enjoy the episode, and I welcome your feedback.

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