What I Use To Film Driving with John Chow

On this episode of Driving with John Chow, I pulled over to the side of the road and go in the passenger seat to show you the equipment I use to film Driving with John Chow.

This came about when my mortal enemy, Shoemoney, decided to try his hand at doing his first driving with Shoemoney episode. You can see the disastrous results below.

The video is not safe for work. Shoe was dropping F-bombs left and right because he scratched his brand new Z06 when backing out of the driveway. Why did he do that? Because the equipment he used to do the video sucks! Plus, it’s also unsafe.

For his safety, and the safety of the public in general, I have put together a list of the equipments I use to film Driving with John Chow in a safe and sound manner. Shoe was lucky the only thing he damaged in his first driving episode was his car. If he wants to prevent future accidents, he should pick up the following goodies right away.

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