The Dot Com Scooter Gang

After our adventure in Langley with the Segway, we decided that we should get a bunch of scooters and terrorize Vancouver. I’m sure the sight of seeing five guys on 50cc scooters is enough to put the fear of God into anyone! :mrgreen:

We showed up at Cycle BC at 10AM in the morning. It was a great day to go Scooter riding. Normally, I wouldn’t ride a scooter on a road shared with cars because the car always win in a head to head. However, since the Dot Com lifestyle allows us to ride while most are locked up in an office working, we practically had the roads all to ourselves.

We spent an entire day riding the scooters all over Vancouver. We hit Stanley Park, UBC, Spanish Bank, Robson Street, Gas Town, China Town, Coal Habour, etc. We had a great time beeping the horn at everybody and waving to them.

The full day of riding only consumed about 1 gallon of gas from the 150MPG two wheelers. The day went by with only one incident. Like he did on the Segway, Michael Kwan crashed his scooter. It’s a wonder he can balance on his two legs.