Dot Com Segway

Today, we went to the headquarters of Segway of British Columbia to ride the two wheel wonder machine known as the Segway. The Segway was suppose to change the way we get around. It didn’t do that but it is one hell of a fun gadget. With gas prices the way it is, Segway sales have been on the upswing. The battery powered Segway uses no gas, has extremely low CO2 emission and can go 40KM on a single charge.

In BC, and most of Canada and the United State, Segways are illegal to operate on the street. However, the chance of being pulled over by the cops is pretty slim, unless you’re doing something really stupid with it. The cops themselves ride Segways on some of their routes so giving you a ticket for riding one would be pretty self defeating.

Joining Sarah and me for this Dot Com Segway trip was Stephen Fung and Michael Kwan. Everyone else was at work. We really need more people to join the Dot Com Lifestyle. A big thanks goes out to Larry Runnalls of Segway of BC for arranging this event for us.