The Dot Com Dim Sum


Normally, Saturday is the weekly Pho Fest. However, we decided to try something completely different to get away from the weekly grind. Instead of going for Pho Lan like we do every week, we went to Sea Harbour Restaurant for the first Dot Com Dim Sum.

Reservations were made for 12:30 but Sea Harbour is always packed because it’s among the best Dim Sum restaurants in the city. Add in the fact that Dim Summers like to take their sweet ass time leaving and the chances of getting your table at reservation time are very slim. My retired friend Wolf got tired of waiting for the people at our table to leave so he went to the table and just stood beside them “Hong Kong” style. Neediness to say, they left shortly after.

Dim Sum, according to Wikipedia, is a Cantonese phrase (點心), literally “touch the heart” (order to your heart’s content) but meaning “morsel/snack”. It may be derived from yat dim sum yi (一點心意), meaning “a little token”. Though the English word “dim sum” refers to the Cantonese variety, the idea of a wide variety of small dishes for lunch also holds for other regions of China.

I was happy to see so many local bloggers were able to make it out for Dim Sum. I originally booked a table for ten but we ended up with 12. Among the blogging faces you may know are Sally Chow, Jeff Kee, Stephen Fung, Ed Lau, Michael Kwan and newly retired Dot Com, Greg Morgan. Greg quit an $80,000 a year job with Yellow Pages to go fulltime on the Net. We were joined by Rainer and his son Matthew, and Gary Jones from

We ordered over 40 Dim Sum dishes, including a few that I knew would scare some of the Dim Sum newbies. There’s nothing quite like seeing someone’s reaction to a chicken feet (those are really good BTW). The Dim Sum bill came to about $300 including tips, which is higher than most Dim Sum restaurants, but Sea Harbour justifies its prices because it’s the best.

Gary enjoyed the Dim Sum so much he decided that would pay for the gathering. That was extremely nice of the blue guy. If you need a web host that can handle a Digg, is your solution. Use promo code JohnChowRocks and get 15% off any service. Here are some more pictures from our first Dot Com Dim Sum. We look forward to the next one.