BlueFur Meets Pho


Gary from and his friend Rainer joined our weekly Saturday Pho Fest. This is the first time Gary ever had Pho and he didn’t know that Pho and Fur are pronounced the same way. Well, pretty close to the same way. Most Westerners think Pho sounds like Ho with a P in front but the proper way of saying it is very close to fur.

This was one of our biggest Pho Fest yet – we had 12 people showed up including Paul Mudhar, Stephen Fung, Ed Lau, Michael Kwan (comment whore) and Greg Morgan. One of these days, I’m going to do a Pho call out and invite all my readers for Pho and take over the entire Pho Lan restaurant. However, I don’t think Lan will be very happy about that.

Normally, when I go for Pho, I order number 11, which has rare steak, well done flanks and beef tendon. Recently, I’ve started trying a new number that is a lot more scary.

Number 21 – The Blackjack Pho


Number 21 is a spicy hot dish. If you can’t stand hot food, then you best stay away from this one. It’s made with Vietnamese ham, well done flanks and a pig knuckle. Being this was the first time for Garry, I told him to stick with the safe number 10. He ordered a large and to my amazement, finished it.

After Pho, BlueFur found out that Pho Lan doesn’t take credit or debit cards. “What’s up with that?” Gary asked. We said, “Welcome to Richmond.”

BlueFur is still doing their “Review Our New Name” contest. The first 50 people to do a review gets a free domain name. You can get the full details at the BlueFur blog.