Thanks For The Beer

I want to take this time to say thanks to the people who were kind enough to buy me a beer. Justin from Linux Notes, Cameron Wilmot from Tweak Town, Shawn Knight from and (Shawn got me a pitcher), Ryan Shamus and Bob Buskirk.

You five were the only ones evil enough to figure out that if you bought me a beer, I just made write about it and give you some link love. Good thinking guys. And thanks again for the beer!

After almost of full day, I’ve received $19.50 for the beer fund. I guess that’s not bad. Unlike Steve Pavlina, I doubt donations are going to become my second biggest moneymaker. Tomorrow I’m going to the store, pick up my beer, and maybe make a video of me drinking it. If you want to see your beer added to the video, then you still have time to buy me a beer. :mrgreen: