Buy Me a Beer WordPress Plugin

Ankesh Kothari just released new WordPress plugin that allows my blog readers to buy me a beer via PayPal.

The plugin adds a “Buy Me a Beer” button to your sidebar and at the bottom of every post. When your readers click on the button, they are taken to the secure PayPal page so they can donate money for your drinking habits. For people who prefer non-alcoholic drinks, there is a setting to replace the beer mug with a coffee cup.

I haven’t given donation as an online moneymaking method much thought. However, I do know that it can be a viable source of revenue. Steve Pavlina has stated more than once that his second biggest income source, after Google AdSense, is donations from readers. Ankesh has been testing the buy me a beer plugin on his blog. The results so far are:

5800 unique visitors. 3 people bought me a beer (Total $11). Not much, but still more than what AdSense pays me for that same blog.

Ankesh can add another $7.50 to that total because I just brought him a pitcher for the plugin. It’ll be interesting to see if any readers will buy me a beer. I’m really thirsty. Please buy me a beer!