Tesla Finally Gets The Luxury Interior It Deserves, But It Will Cost You $29,995

One of the most often heard complaints about Tesla vehicles is the interior looks cheap for a luxury car. When you compare it to the interiors from the Mercedes-Benz EQS or the Porsche Taycan, the complaints are not without merits. Well, Tesla has finally decided to address the issue with the help of its next door neighbor, Unplugged Performance.

The von Holzhausen x Unplugged Performance interior

Materials innovation company von Holzhausen, which is owned by Vicki von Holzhausen, the wife of Tesla Design Chief Franz von Holzhausen, has partnered up with Unplugged Performance to offer bespoke luxury Tesla interiors using Banbu Leather, a vegan leather that is buttery-soft like lambskin, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, water-resistant, lightweight, and made from the most renewable raw material on earth – bamboo.

The interior is being offered on new Tesla vehicles and as a retrofit on existing vehicles. For a new car purchase, Unplugged Performance will order the Tesla for you. The car will be delivered to their Hawthorne facility, and they will install the new interior. Once the work is completed, the car can be shipped to any Tesla delivery center or directly to your house. If you already own a Tesla, you can ship your car to have the interior retrofitted.

The von Holzhausen interior starts at $29,995. Stitch detail preferences, stitch thread color options, perforations and multiple material colors can be granted at no additional cost. Complete custom interiors leveraging von Holzhausen, Alcantara and other premium vegan materials extended across the entire vehicle begin at $39,995 and special requests may be additionally specified by the customer.

Adding the von Holzhausen interior to a Tesla Model S Plaid will bring the cost of the car to $165,985. That’s still significantly less than a top of a top of line Mercedes-Benz EQS or Porsche Taycan. You’ll have a car that’s much faster than the Porsche or Mercedes, with an interior that finally matches its performance.