Taiwan Beef Noodle House

The first time I tried Taiwan beef noodle was in Taiwan. I liked it so much that when I got back to Vancouver, I went looking for a Taiwan noodle house here. As luck would have it, I found one of the best in the city. The place is called Taiwan Beef Noodle House. I admit that’s not the most original name but at least you can’t mistake it for anything but a Taiwan beef noodle house.

Ever since discovering the Taiwan Beef Noodle House, we try to eat there once a week. It’s not fine dining by any means. The service level is pretty low but that seems to be the norm with cheap Asian restaurants in Vancouver. Luckily, the food is very tasty and the price is very low.

The restaurant is located in Vancouver at 8390 Granville Street. It is about 15 minute drive from my house in Richmond. It’s too bad they don’t have one in Richmond. I can see it dividing the weekly Dot Com Pho fest. Taiwan Beef Noodle House is a small but extremely busy restaurant. I recommend weekday or late night dining only.

Kelp Seaweed


You cannot order a bowl of Taiwan beef noodle and not order the seaweed. If you never tried seaweed before, it taste like, well, seaweed. I love the seaweed at the Taiwan Beef Noodle House. You can eat it by itself or with noodle. The seaweed makes a good cooling agent since the broth used for the beef noodle is pretty spicy.

Chili Cucumbers


This is a very refreshing dish. It’s sweet but there’s a nice kick if you bite into a chili. Like the seaweed, the chili cucumbers can be eaten by itself or with the noodles.

Taiwan Pancake


This is a very exotic dish. It looks and tastes nothing like a North American pancake. The pancake wraps around some beef, onion and Hoisin sauce. It’s a good dish to share.

Taiwan Beef Noodle


This is the main reason we come to Taiwan Beef Noodle House. The restaurant offers two types of broth with their noodle – one spicy and one not so spicy. I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out from the above photo that I ordered the spicy broth.

Lunch at Taiwan Beef Noodle House is very reasonable. All the above came to just $20 including tips. The next time you have a beef noodle craving, check out the Taiwan Beef Noodle House. It doesn’t matter what time you have the craving either because they’re open 24 hours a day.

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