Stumbling Stumble Upon

I’ve been fooling around with Stumble Upon. I get quite a bit of traffic from them because of readers “Stumbling” my articles. Stumble Upon is a browser based toolbar that helps you discover and share great websites. When you click the Stumble button. the service delivers Web pages matched to your personal preferences. Rating the sites you like automatically shares them with like-minded people and helps you discover sites other Stumblers recommend.

Stumble Upon makes money but selling Stumbles. When you hit the Stumble button on the toolbar, you are supposed to get a page that was recommended by other Stumblers. However, for 5 cents per user, Stumble Upon will show that user your page.

Signing up for an advertiser account was easy enough. You can even create a campaign before signing up. I decided to test Stumble Upon by sending traffic to my Making Money from A Blog – February 2007 recap. All new campaign has to be approved and that usually takes less than 24 hours. For whatever reason, Stumble Upon didn’t approved the campaign. There was no explanation – the campaign just disappeared from the approval list. So I decided to use the blog’s front page. I listed myself under the Weblog category but Stumble Upon changed it to Cars. No doubt they saw the Pagani Zonda R post and the Zonda Fs in the header and assumed I was a car site – dumb asses.


Stumble Upon sent me 326 visitors before I stop campaign. Approval was running at a not so great 63% from Stumblers who visited the blog. That’s not very surprising since this blog isn’t really about cars. Yes I have some car posts, but this is not a car blog.

I resubmitted the campaign in the proper category and I’m waiting for approval. Stumble Upon doesn’t seem to work on the weekend because it’s been way more than 24 hours. I assume they will approve the new campaign on Monday. Stay tuned.