Superlite SL-C Home Built Supercar at South OC Cars and Coffee

I arrived at South OC Cars and Coffee an hour after the show opens to discovered that a bunch of cars leaving instead of entering. Turns out there was another big car show that starts once Cars and Coffee ends, so cars were leaving early to make it to the other show.

This didn’t mean there were a lack of cars to check out. Far from it. I got an opportunity to see a SL-C by Superlite Cars for the first time. The SL-C offers supercar performance and supercar looks but at a price that won’t send you to the poor house. This is because you have to built yourself. The Standard Kit cost only $48,395. You add the engine of your choice and you’re ready to terrorize every Porsche or Ferrari on the street. That is once put it all together.

This particular SL-C was paired with Ford Racing 5.0L Coyote Crate Engine. The owner added a pair of turbos and intercoolers to boost horsepower to a vomit inducing 1300. As the name implies, the SL-C Superlite is super light at only 2,400 lbs. With the twin turbo V8, the car has a power to weight ratio better than any production on the road.

If I was in the market for one, I would built my SL-C with a naturally aspirated LS motor. The 7 liter units used by the C6 Z06 would be an ideal match for the car, and it would cost less money than a custom made twin turbo Coyote setup. If the sound of making your own supercar appeals to you, check out Superlite Cars for all the details.