Porsche 993 Remastered by Gunther Werks

Porsche’s last air-cooled 911 sports car was introduced back in 1993, leaving many Porsche purists to consider it the last “real” Porsche to be created.

If you ever long for the glory days of Porsche and you have a ton of money burning a hole in your pocket, Southern California tuner Gunther Werks have just what you’re looking for. The Porsche 993 Remastered by Gunther Werks (that’s the official name of the car so says Porsche’s legal team) is a re-imagined take on the classic Porsche 993.

The heart of this ultimate resto-mod is an air-cooled 4.0-liter, naturally-aspirated, flat-six that pumps out 431 horsepower and 312 lb-ft of torque and revs to 7,800 rpm. Those are not huge numbers by today’s standards. However, the finished car weighs only 2,677 lbs, and that translates into a power-to-weight ratio of only 6.2 lbs per hp. Acceleration times are impressive, with a zero to 62 mph in under 4 seconds.

The gearbox is a Getrag G50 6-speed manual transmission with custom gear ratios, and reworked to give it a precise and mechanical feel. The vehicle sits on a widened custom chassis and rides on bespoke Clubsport coil-over suspension featuring external reservoirs, a hydraulic nose-lift system, RS spec uprights, upgraded bushings, and a fully revised geometry.

The standard wheels are Gunther Werks 18-inch T-6061 forged aluminum wheels that feature a classic 5-spoke architecture. Furthermore, they come equipped with billet aluminum center caps, valve stems, and titanium wheel hardware and studs. Wheels made from carbon fiber are optional. Tires are Pirelli P Zero Rosso tires, 245/35/18 in the front, and massive 315/30/18 section in the rear. Stopping all this madness are some giant Brembo GTR brakes.

The body and chassis of each donor vehicle are disassembled until the bare metal is exposed. Then it is restored to a like-new condition using direct metal priming and the application of modern paint mixtures for added durability and lightweight.

The outer-body panels are made out of carbon fiber and features a design language that pays respects to the original 993 while still taking cues from the modern era. If you combine the ducktail spoiler of a ’73 Carrera RS 2.7 with the ridiculous rear wheel flares of a ’84 RSR IROC and the nose of a 993, you get the car shown here. You’ll also receive a bill for at least $525,000.

The interior cabin is finished in fine leather, Alcantara, and little details that hint at the Porsches of the era. The classic gauges, period radio, and light switches are intended to make you feel like you’ve time traveled back to the golden era of sports car motoring.

The Porsche 993 Remastered by Gunther Werks is limited to just 25 examples. The conversion starts at $525,000 and doesn’t include the donor car. You will have to supply your own 993 or Gunther Werks can help you find one. The coupe is all sold out, but they are now taking order for the Speedster.