Sign Up For AuctionAds and Make an Instant $25

It looks like AuctionAds is serious about expanding their network. Yesterday, they announced that they were increasing affiliate payout from 2% to 5% and today they sent words that any new publisher signing up for AuctionAds will get an instant $25 credited to his account. This also applies to publishers who have already signed up but haven’t earned a payout yet.

New publishers just need to sign up and they will receive a balance of $25.00 automatically. Please note if you signed up with us previously and have never earned a payout we will bump your current balance to $25 too!

While it sounds like you do make an instant $25, please keep in mind that AuctionAds has raised the minimum payout to $50, so you’ll have to earn another $25 before getting paid. Still, all these sudden increases in payouts is a step in the right direction.

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