AuctionAd Increases Affiliate Payout

After unveiling the new Web 2.0 looking AuctionAds banners, the company has announced an increase in affiliate payout. The payout rate for signing up a new AuctionAds publisher increases from 2% to 5% effective immediately.

AuctionAds publishers, we are happy to announce a nice raise in our affiliate payouts. Effective immediately you will receive 5% of all revenue produced from publishers you refer with your affiliate link to AuctionAds for the first 6 months of the new publisher’s earnings!

AuctionAds affiliate links are built directly into the “Ads By AuctionAds” link in the AuctionAds ads. You are credited with a sign up if someone applies and gets approved by AuctionAds via your link.

The increase in affiliate payout is good news indeed. However, I think AuctionAds needs to work on the performance of their ads more. I haven’t tried the new web 2.0 ads yet but the old ads are not performing very well. I’m going to try changing the keywords and see if that increases the click rate. If you’re running the new AuctionAds banners, I would love to hear how it’s doing for you compared to the old style.