Share Your Experience with Paid Reviews

Kevin over at Blogging Tips has posted an article detailing his experience with paid reviews. Kevin ordered eight reviews for his blog over a six week time period and for the most part, he seems very happy with the results. Review prices ranged from $40 to $300.

I have been very fortunate in that the reviews have all been fairly positive. The main criticism in most reviews was about the design of the blog but that is something I have worked on since the reviews. I do try my best with the design aspect of the blog but alas, design is not my forte. However, I was very pleased that most reviewers praised the posts on Blogging Tips.

I have seen a steady rise in subscribers after each review was posted but the traffic I received after my review was published on John Chow was nothing short of amazing.

All the reviews Kevin ordered were from ReviewMe publishers or a direct order. Paid reviews are one of the best way to kick start a new blog and I wish more advertisers would post their experience with them. You can read my experience as a ReviewMe advertiser here. I also posted my experience with PayPerPost here and here.

Now that Kevin had a taste of paying for reviews, he’s going to try his hand at making money from them by offering paid reviews on Blogging Tips. I’m sure he’ll do well with it. Have you used paid reviews before? Let’s hear your experience with it.