Battle Of The ReviewMe Reviews

Everyone knows I’m a ReviewMe publisher but I’ve also been fooling around with ReviewMe as an advertiser. Before the 50% coupon code expired, I ordered up two ReviewMe reviews. One from Stephen Fung and the other from E Moms At Home.

Both reviews took on an “Evil” theme, with Stephen saying evil begins at my blog and Wendy asking if I’m gaming the system. With the discount, the reviews cost me $105.00. Both reviews were far better than the PayPerPost reviews I ordered a few months back. I guess you do get what you pay for.

Traffic wise, Stephen Fung sent me 48 visitors and E Moms sent 15 readers, according to Google Analytics. That makes both blogs extremely expensive from a CPC standpoint. However, ReviewMe is used for more than just traffic. I’ve received permanent links on two PR4 blogs that have written very good reviews about me. I’m sure the long term payoff from the reviews will be worth it.

Anyway, please check out the two reviews and tell me which one you like. Who knows, if you’re comment is good enough, I may buy a review on your site.

E Moms At Home – Is the “Evil” John Chow Gaming the System?
Stephen Fung – John Chow DOT COM – Where Evil Begins!