ReviewMe Takes A Run At PayPerPost

It looks like ReviewMe is taking a run at PayPerPost with their latest offering. ReviewMe advertisers can now create a review offer in the blogger marketplace in addition to ordering reviews directly from a blog

John, I wanted to give you the heads up that we just now released a brand new Advertiser marketplace to ReviewMe! In addition to our marketplace of premium blogs where you can purchase individual reviews, advertisers will now be able to create campaign offers that approved bloggers will then be able to accept. This new advertiser marketplace gives more control to the advertiser while still giving the blogger 100% control over what review offers they accept.

Advertisers get to set up the information they would like reviewed, the number of reviews they would like to receive and how much they would like to spend per review. The minimum review price is $10. Advertisers now have the flexibility of purchasing reviews of top reviews individually or creating campaigns for many relevant bloggers to blog about!

– note, bloggers that were not previously accepted into the premium RM marketplace should resubmit their blog for inclusion into our new Advertiser marketplace. Thx!

Patrick Gavin

So far, two advertisers have created opportunities in the review clearinghouse: one sandal maker and one watchband maker. Both are offering $10 for a review. My advice to them. Increase your bid or go back to PayPerPost. I think ReviewMe should have set a higher minimum bid than $10. Because of higher entrance requirements than PayPerPost, ReviewMe blogs command higher pricing.

I’m sure the bids will go up as more advertisers make use of the blogger marketplace. This would give more ReviewMe bloggers a chance to get some reviews under their belt. The hardest part of ReviewMe is getting that first review. With the new marketplace, bloggers won’t have to wait for advertisers to come knocking on their doors. By accepting a few reviews from the marketplace, you’ll be able to show off your work to the direct advertisers.

It will be interesting to see how PayPerPost responds.